Delivering quality foods to
neighborhoods that matter.

Delivery with a purpose.

In Cincinnati, 3 in 10 people don't know the source of their next meal. 

Our vision for Freshmen is to continue helping under privilege communities get direct access to quality foods, providing a fee free grocery delivery service and being their advocate in selecting healthier options for their groceries. 

Our Mission

Is to make healthy eating more accessible without barriers 
by delivering fresh produce in communities impacted by food deserts.

Why We Do It

Food accessibility is a vital resource for any community to thrive but densely, populated, communities of color live in food deserts where fast food and dollar stores offer little to less nutritional value.

Did You Know?

2.3 Million people live more than one mile away from a supermarket and do not own a car.

Who we Are

Freshmen is an online grocery delivery service, looking to test the concept of providing a online grocery and delivery service to EBT recipients in the Avondale community.

Under OH law the state supervises and mandates set EBT guidelines. Recipients on food assistance must be present at the time they purchase their groceries in order for the vendor to process the transaction because their is no other identifiable information other than the users pin number that is keyed in. 

Our concept pairs delivery aides that act as personal shopper's on behalf of EBT users who have limitations  with purchasing food with their EBT -- such as online ordering or delivery.

Our goal is to use minimal technology for individuals to be able to place their order - simply text FRESHMEN to 55-222 or call a Freshmen ambassador for more information. 

No app or smartphone needed.

More reasons 
why we do it?

Under Ohio law those who receive SNAP/EBT assistance can NOT use their cards to order groceries online. Freshmen wants to help bring attention to this issue and with the grant from People’s Liberty we hope this program will show lawmakers why these laws should be changed.